Accident Incident

  1. Maersk Air B737 Birmingham, UK-Copenhagen, Denmark, 12/1999
    Encountered severe weather, Outdated Info, Destination and Alternate closed, Fuel Emergency landing in Billund, Denmark, 70K Winds. No flight watch/monitoring.
  2. Hapag-Lloyd A310, Crete to Hannover, 7/2000
    Landing gear failed to retract, crew continued, incorrect fuel estimate, Passed a number of suitable airports, fuel exhaustion while attempting to land at Vienna, aircraft destroyed. No flight watch/monitoring.
  3. Swiss SAAB 2000 Basel to Hamburg, 7/2002
    Encountered Severe WX, DEST and ALT closed, Fuel Exhaustion, attempted landing at closed airport at night, Werneuchen, Berlin. Aircraft was vectored directly into severe WX by ATC. Aircraft destroyed. No ACARS. No flight watch/monitoring.
  4. BMI Airbus A321, Over Germany, 5/2003
    Encountered severe WX/hail. Serious damage. Flight crew had turned off the WX radar. The flight then continued on for hundreds of kilometers past a number of suitable airports in spite of serious damage. No flight watch/monitoring.
  5. EasyJet B737 Near Geneva, Switzerland, 8/2003.
    Encountered severe hail, significant damage, returned to Geneva. No flight watch/monitoring.
  6. SAS Airbus A330 Chicago-O’Hare- Stockholm, Sweden, 10/2003.
    Continued with no holding fuel into low visibility approach, did missed approach, insufficient fuel to alternate, diverted to Helsinki with fuel emergency. Flight crew did not monitor fuel consumption or weather during flight. Flight Dispatchers were told not to contact flights about operational changes unless the crew called them.
  7. BA B747-400 Los Angeles-London Heathrow, 2/2005.
    #2 engine surge after takeoff. Flight continued for 11 hours with 3 engines. Crew perceived fuel problem, landed Manchester. It was not necessary to continue in degraded condition. No flight watch/monitoring.
  8. BA A319 London Heathrow-Budapest, Hungary, 10/2005
    During climb, at night, close to LHR, major electrical fault, with 5 of 6 screens dark in cockpit. Crew unable to declare mayday, radio failure. After restoring partial function, flight continued to Budapest. No flight watch/monitoring.
  9. Pulkovo Airlines, TU-154 over Ukraine, 8/2006.
    Flight was trying to avoid severe thunderstorm by going over the tops and apparently exceeded aerodynamic (buffet) limits, entered flat spin and crashed, killing all aboard. No flight watch/monitoring.
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