IFALDA is a non-profit professional aviation flight dispatch/operational control organization which offers members the opportunity to both make a difference in aviation and also receive representation in the global aviation community. IFALDA is dedicated to raising safety standards throughout the world for the flight dispatch profession.

Memberships are offered to associations of flight dispatchers, and also on an individual basis to those persons who have an interest.

Dues are $15 USD per year per person, based on a fiscal year of May 01 to April 30 the following year, and can be paid by credit card on the IFALDA web site.

Dues monies are used to support the organization by allowing participation by the Board and designated representatives in meetings and conferences around the world to ensure that the voice of flight dispatch is heard and respected. No IFALDA Board Member or representative receives any salary whatsoever. It is an entirely volunteer organization.

By becoming a member of IFALDA, you may come to any and all meetings, have access to all IFALDA materials and have a voice and representation in the organization.

Join us and become a proud member of a great organization.

For membership questions and information, please contact us at

We accept payment through PayPal for Individual Memberships and for Associations
simply select the quantity of memberships you which to purchase.  Also, please
click on the link below to update you contact information which can be mailed to
our Post Office Box or scanned and emailed to

Membership Application and Contact Information Update Form
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