Mission and History

International Federation of Air line Dispatchers' Association

"To Coordinate the Professional Efforts and to Represent the Professional Interest of the Various Aircraft Dispatcher / Flight Operations Officer Member Associations on a Global Level"

IFALDA Mission Statement

Founded in 1961, IFALDA is an International Organization comprised of various Aircraft Dispatcher / Flight Operations Officer Associations that have formed throughout the world. Our purpose is to create and maintain the highest and most professional level of standards and safety in civil aviation.

A non-labor professional organization, IFALDA serves over 1,900 members in 45 affiliated organizations from 25 countries. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recognizes our profession through Annexes I and VI of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention) and uses the terms Aircraft Dispatcher and Flight Operations Officer interchangeably. The term "Dispatcher" is more common in North and Latin America while the term "Flight Operations Officer" (sometimes "Flight Handling Officer") is used mostly in Europe. ICAO recognizes the term "Flight Dispatcher" and "Flight Operations Officer" interchangeably. For the sake of brevity, "Dispatcher" is used henceforth.

Our mission statement indicates that we coordinate and provide leadership and support for our affiliate member associations in their efforts to deal with issues within their own areas. IFALDA takes responsibility for dealing with international issues that go beyond the borders of the member states, working closely with ICAO and other international agencies. This work is done through the use of task oriented working groups formed by IFALDA for specific purposes. There are also standing committees and groups that work on training manuals, ATC coordination, and other routine matters.

In addition to an Annual General Meeting hosted each May by a member affiliate, the IFALDA Board meets four times per year to deal with the day-to-day operation of the Federation. A newsletter, The Federation is published periodically and is distributed to all Member Associations. IFALDA meetings are open to all members and additionally the AGM is open to all Dispatchers worldwide regardless of membership (although only paid-up member association delegations are permitted to vote).

Membership in IFALDA is open to all Dispatcher organizations by completing a Membership application form that lists the officers and members of the organization and a copy of the organizations Constitution and By-Laws to the IFALDA President. A check, made payable in U.S. funds to IFALDA, for the current years dues assessment for all members of the organization must accompany the Charter application. The Federation fiscal year is from May 1 to April 30. Organizations joining during the year pay a pro-rated dues assessment for that year based on twelfths of a year beginning with the month following application.

Membership is conditionally effective immediately upon receipt of the completed Membership application, dues assessment, and other information noted above and is ratified by a majority vote of approval by the IFALDA committee. Membership cards for the current year will be mailed by the IFALDA Treasurer as soon as possible after formal ratification.

Currently, membership may also be secured by joining one of the Regional IFALDA organizations such as EUFALDA in Europe, ADF in the United States, or IFALDA-Latin America if your organization is in one of these areas. Please contact one of these organizations for further information.

Note: The aims, objectives, policies, and Constitution & By-Laws of the organization must be compatible with those of IFALDA. English is the official working language of IFALDA.

Dispatchers not affiliated with an organization group, retirees, and others with a professional interest in operational control may also join IFALDA as non-voting Individual Members.
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